Sani-Check Incubator 230V

Product #500-02

The Sani-Check Incubator is desk-top instrument which is specifically designed for small-scale incubation needs such as Sani-Check test strips, as well as Sani-Check and Culturia dip slides. Although the Sani-Check incubator is pre-set at 37oC, it can be adjusted as needed, and it has a working temperature range of 31 to 40oC. The incubator will easily hold 12 Sani-Check or Culturia dip slides, 25 Sani-Check SRB tubes, or over 100 Sani-Check AB or YM. The incubator has a plexiglas door for easy viewing of contents. The unit is also supplied with a digitemp thermometer which is attached to the interior floor.

Quantity based price: 
$383.25 ea.