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Biosan Laboratories is an environmental microbiology laboratory that was founded by Dr. Harold Rossmoore in 1973. Our initial microbiology lab was in Ferndale, Michigan where we remained until 1994. Since we knew many of our lab customers would benefit from the ability to perform microbiology testing on-site, Biosan developed several bacteria and fungi test kits for industrial fluids.


Microbiological Test Kit Manufacturing Facility

In response to our clients’ needs, we developed an agar-based detection method known as a dipslide for microbiological testing. In 1994, we moved to a 6400 square foot building in Warren, Michigan and added a 3600 square foot manufacturing area in order to expand our manufacturing capacity. Today our production department is dedicated to making high quality agar dipslides for the microbial testing of a variety of industrial fluids.

Microbiology Testing Laboratory

Our services include Legionella detection and enumeration of both potable and non-potable water and we hold certifications by CDC ELITE and by New York State Department of Health ELAP.  In addition to Legionella analysis, we provide antimicrobial testing services for a variety of industries including textiles, plastics, paints, inks, metalworking fluid, and water treatment using ASTM, AATCC, JIS and ISO standard microbial methodologies. Biosan also provides consulting in antimicrobial testing protocol design for those clients that required customized testing.

Laboratory Certifications

CDC Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Certification 
NYSDOH ELAP (ID#12061) for Legionella Analysis (ISO 11731), Potable and Non-Potable Water
EPA/State of Michigan DEQ (ID #9972): Drinking Water Microbiology Certification

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists http://www.aatcc.org/
Association of Water Technologies http://www.awt.org/
ASTM International http://www.astm.org/
National Association of Corrosion Engineers http://www.nace.org/
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers http://www.stle.org/

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