Sani-Check BF DipslidesĀ (10 tests/kit)

Product #200

The Sani-Check BF dipslide makes the determination of bacterial and fungal counts fast and simple.  Each side of the dipslide is coated with a different medium, one side being selective for fungi and the other for bacteria.  Aerobic bacteria will grow on the bacteria side and their growth will be in the form of red dots, also known as colonies, on the surface of the agar.  On the side designated for fungi, growth of yeast and mold will generally appear as filamentous structures. The dipslide is compared to a chart in order to get a quantitative interpretation of the results.  Click here for more info.

Quantity based price: 
$49.99 (1-11 kits)
Quantity based price: 
$45.99 (12+ kits)